Neck, Jaw and Chest Massage (NJC)

NJC massage can be included as part of a general treatment as well as specific treatment for conditions, such as:-

  • Whiplash – as a result of a road traffic accident or from a sporting injury etc
  • Headaches – such as Tension (cervicogenic or chronic), Spinally mediated (due to muscle tension in the mid – upper back and neck) or Migraines.
  • Torticollis – abnormal positioning of the head and neck that can be inherited, acquired or due to the neck muscles contracting uncontrollably.
  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TJD) – this disorder can be due to:-
    • Problems with the jaw
    • Problems with the jaw joint
    • Problems with the muscles that control the jaw

When do I need Neck, Jaw and Chest massage

Ideally regular treatments help to cope with the significant impact that our bodies go through in its day to day performance. It helps to manage our aches and pains, stresses and injuries we sustain. It also helps to adjust any imbalances, to help prevent injuries and to rehabilitate after an operation, including reduce scar tissue formation.

How often should you have Neck, Jaw and Chest massage

This is your choice and should be based on professional recommendations. Such recommendations would be based on my assessment, your reaction to treatment and your treatment goals. Frequency of treatments should be discussed regularly.


Speeds recovery from injury

Help reduce chronic pain

Increase range of movement

Relieves tired and aching muscles

Loosen tight muscles

Improve posture